Biohacking enhancement technology

tuün, pronounced [tune], is a state-of-the-art wearable biohack that contains our proprietary Biohacking Enhancement Technology (B.E.T.) designed to help you stay “finely tuned” in a world of outward and inward stressors including electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other electrosmog that is ever-present in today’s modern and convenience-oriented lifestyle.

Rose Gold


Proprietary technology
+ Field Tested

Sleep Quality

Focus and Mood

May decrease
Hypersensitivity Symptoms

Aids in
Enhancing Vitality

Helps Reduce
Free Radical Damage

May Help Enhance
the Sense of Well Being

Why wear tuün RESONATE?

A Biohack Solution
For a Health Concern

Such symptoms include:

Heating of Body
Tissues and Cells

Increased Free Radical
Production in Your Body

Chronic Fatigue,
Headaches, Brain Fog

Heightened Anxiety

To make matters worse, a large body of research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation has proven that technology is getting increasingly harmful to human health. Just recently, the World Health Organization classified all radiofrequency radiation from mobile devices as a potential class 2B carcinogen.

For optimal results

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tuün Resonate uses an advanced proprietary combination of frequencies and a mix of infused minerals to dissipate most electromagnetic fields emitted by today’s technology as well as other stressors that increase the oxidation process in your body.

No, simply put your tuün Resonate on and you’re all set!

tuün Resonate contains our BET which is made up of our proprietary combination of frequencies and a matrix of infused minerals. These proprietary components work together to dissipate the effects of electrosmog and other stressors in a harmonious way.

This product is splash-proof, but we advise against submerging it under water.

No, there are no side effects associated with tuün Resonate.

No, tuün Resonate forms a shielding atmosphere of protection, allowing you to stay safe within the radiating chaos. The cutting-edge functionality of this device provides consistent protection without any signal interruption.


Don’t take our word for it, hear what our Customers have to say!

" I have been researching EMF pollution for over a year and have tried many products to help protect myself. I am thrilled to report that after wearing tuün Resonate for 2 weeks, I noticed an improvement on my eye strain from staring at my devices, less head pressure after a long day of using my phone, and less irritability. I’m thankful to have a product like this for my peace of mind and knowing I am being protected. "

Kristin A., USA

"Holy smokes!!! tuün Resonate has been a GAME CHANGER for my workout! For as long as I can remember, during any cardio day, I would struggle to get through my workout. Usually about halfway through I’m telling myself “just get through it and don’t throw up!” Today I found myself towards the end of my workout just as strong as the beginning and telling myself “you can go heavier on the weights!” and I did! And this is even after only getting 4 hours of sleep! "

Mary A., USA

"Since I got my puppy, he has had nervous behaviors. He never wants to go on car rides. I thought maybe it was because he was nervous from the motion so I decided to put my tüun Resonate on his collar. The first time he laid down in his kennel after 10 minutes I thought: is this coincidental? Then I tried it again, and the reaction was the same. My experience has been really amazing on myself but on my puppy? Wow. Even more noticeable!"

Natasha D., USA

"The thing about tuün Resonate that excited me the most, was that I can have my phone on me and feel like I am not getting the full effect of the radiation."

Tymiesha M., USA

"This is all about feeling protected from an invisible enemy for me. We know there is an effect of tech around us. This just makes sense. And I notice that I am calmer when wearing it."

Rory R., USA

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