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Dallas, Texas was a little fuller this past weekend. Top leaders gathered for a sold-out event at the first Velovita Leadership Summit. As part of the Summit, the Velovita Leadership Council had their monthly meeting onsite, followed by a once-in-a-lifetime VIP event that they’ll never forget. Biohack innovators and event connoisseurs at heart, Velovita’s community
Before jumping into network marketing, Selene Berumen worked 14 years as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Instructor. She believed her career was in that field with a dream of becoming a doctor. Fast forward to six years ago, Selene was introduced to network marketing. “ As soon as my last baby was born, I refused to
Kristin Adams became an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner in 2014 and was introduced to network marketing that same year. In addition to becoming an ARNP, Kristin is also proud of becoming a 7-figure earner with her second direct sales company. Two areas keep Kristin going in her mission to help others: health and wealth. Says
First there was brān®, the original biohacking formula for a natural energy boost and optimal brain performance. Then came zlēm®, a nighttime formula for quality sound sleep and weight management. uüth™ was next in line, a time-reversing gelée to help you live, look, and feel your vibrant best. Velovita, the global leader in the health &
No strangers to big news in the areas of product launches, business updates and Member rewards, the Founders of Velovita did it again on their February 7th monthly zoom update. On the list of several exciting updates was the announcement of another industry first; the Velovita Charitable Match program (VCM). Velovita believes that doing well and
Kristin Wiese may not hold a degree but ambitiously began a career in the transportation industry at the age of 20. Climbing the ladder for over 10 years, Kristin managed the entire southeast US at one point employed by General Mills at their Minneapolis headquarters. A decade ago, Kristin dabbled in the MLM industry. Equipped

New Year, New You, New Diet?

A new year sometimes comes with resolutions and fresh goals. Of those, diet and exercise regimes are often on the list. Everyday Health’s January 2019 article, A Detailed Guide to the Potential Health Benefits and Risks of the Keto Diet includes a statistic on how popular the keto diet is: “ There are more than
Kendra Vuticevski and her husband love to travel with their two boys. They love sports and they’re an active family in their community. As a former corporate executive of over 15 years and someone who recently served on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit, Kendra knows good strategy, teamwork, and solid deliverables. With

Velovita Announces Huge Industry Firsts

If you were in Orlando, Florida, USA last week, you may have noticed some excitement. For Velovita Members, they were the first to hear the big news, announced by their CEO & Founder, Kosta Gara, and President & Co-Founder, Jeff Mack. Continuing their commitment to provide an opportunity that is second-to-none for Social Sellers, Velovita

Latest on Velovita Science

What is NMN?

NMN, known as Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide, is a vital component for all life. These essential molecules are involved in most of our cells, supporting all forms of reactions. At the molecular level, it is a ribo-nucleotide, which is a basic structural unit of the nucleic acid RNA. NMN is the direct precursor of the essential molecule

zlēm® and Mitoburn

Mitoburn, also known as L Beta Aminobutyric Acid, is produced by skeletal muscles during physical activity. In addition to physical activity, the circulating levels of Mitoburn are controlled by mitochondrial enzymes primarily expressed in the liver and kidneys. The reality of metabolic syndrome is on the rise worldwide. Recent studies have identified several factors secreted

brān® Tips

Looking for the best results from brān® reimagined? Our very own Dr. A. Saberi shares how to enjoy the benefits of brān® while listening to your body’s cues. brān® is our “get up and go” supplement. If you work nights for example, brān® is a great benefactor. If you feel you need another brān® snap

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Your Best Morning Routine

How accomplished and productive do you feel when your head hits the pillow at night? If there’s room to improve (like there is for most of us), it’s time to implement a new morning routine. As with most areas of success, your routine requires some planning. You’re in the driver’s seat here to make your morning

Avoiding Sugar is Sweet!

It’s in almost everything – even salad dressing, low-fat yogurt, and granola. We’re not talking about naturally occurring sugars found in fruit for example, we’re talking about added sugars. Nutritionists suggest consuming only 10% of our calories from sugar. This translates to about 13 teaspoons per day, based on a daily budget of 2,000 calories. On

The Importance of Self-Care

If you look for the definition of “self-care” on dictionary.com, you’ll see two definitions: 1. “the act of attending to one’s physical or mental health, generally without medical or other professional consultation…” 2. “the products or practices used to comfort or soothe oneself…” It’s no secret that the notion of self-care has gained some recent

Latest on Business Building

Plugging In for Success

There really may be some truth to the phrase, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” The good news is that since you’re in charge of your direct sales business, you get to control when you’re actively working, and where you put your efforts. Attending trainings (live or virtual), consistent follow-up, connecting and

Success Tips from our CEO

There are several popular quotes that circulate throughout the direct sales industry. Chances are, you’ve heard “success leaves clues” before, or maybe “if you’re the smartest person in your circle, you need a new circle.” These quotes point to getting around accomplished people who are living, social proof of success. What do successful leaders and

What does your mindset say about you?

Recently, our President & Co-Founder, Jeff Mack shared a little about the differences between a fixed vs. a growth mindset. Jeff outlined that currently, we all have a certain level of ability. Believing that only this ability is what we must work with is a fixed mindset. However, we can develop our ability with hard